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Trends reflect nature, favorite places and things. They incorporate graphic design, motifs, and custom monograms. They lovingly embrace color, style and texture.  The bottom line today is that invitations are only limited by one’s imagination.  If you aren't creative, seek a professional stationer to assist you. 

Letterpress has gained new popularity among brides today. It is synonymous with style, luxury and sophistication. This centuries-old relief printing method has transformed today’s stationery into a new generation of eco-chic.    The paper is rich with characteristic texture; soft to the touch but heavy in weight.  At Paper Dance, we love taking originality one step further with our clients by incorporating hand-painted edges in one of the bride’s wedding colors.  This is a trend that we see not only in wedding stationery, but social stationery as well.

Trends range from minimalistic to country chic; romantic garden to vintage; letterpress to lasercut; formal to whimsy; retro to modern; cityscape to circus; deco to decadent; geometric to 3D.

William Arthur ensemble

We love the suede ribbon for the right touch! -  Invitation by WILLIAM ARTHUR

A few of the trends that remain strong:

The equivalent of the "Little Black Dress"-CRANE engraved  - timeless, traditional

  • Romantic designs with pearls, crystals, or lace
  • Hand lettering with bold calligraphy
  • Vintage styles
  • Industrial
  • Minimalistic / contemporary / unique format

Initials -monogram, duogram, kalogram, or an original symbol


  • Note that “the pleasure of your company” replaces “the honour of  your presence” when the ceremony is held at a home, club, or hotel and not on sacred ground.

  • The date always is written out:  “Saturday , the tenth of July.” 

  • A noon wedding is worded “at twelve o’clock.” Weddings on the half hour are written as "half after" the hour instead of "half past" the hour.

  • A house or apartment number is written out through the number ten.

  • Afternoon begins at twelve o’clock. Evening begins at six o’clock.

  • Nicknames are never used on traditional wedding invitations.

  • Abbreviations are not used except for Mr. and Mrs.

  • The words "junior" and "senior" are written in lower case.

  • Envelopes should be hand-addressed. Do not use labels.

  • A separate reception card is not required when the ceremony and reception are at the same location.

  • While the year line is optional on a wedding invitation, it always appears on an announcement and is always written in full: “Two thousand twenty.”